Photography by-Colleen Cahill Studios

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

American Heart Association's Portland Heart Ball is March 14, and You're Invited!

Final preparations are under way as the American Heart Association's Greater Portland Division gears up for Portland Heart Ball, March 14, 2009.  The annual event will be be held at the Governor's Hotel in Portland, Oregon, and it looks to be a fantastic and enchanted evening.  My husband and I cannot wait!

When I was asked to be one of six featured guests for the Portland Heart Ball, as one would expect, I was honored. But when I learned of the company I would be in, I was thrilled!  The list of fellow featured guests is truly amazing!

My family is a huge fan of the Roloff family, and TLC's "Little People, Big World."  Amy Roloff is such an impressive wife and mother.  What a thrill to learn Amy agreed to lend her time and talents to this year's event!   Cam and I are really looking forward to meeting her.

Dr. Starr has saved countless lives. Over the years I have watched with admiration his developing research. As a cornea transplant recipient, in the past I have been privileged to meet Dr. Starr in my volunteer work with the Oregon Donor Program. I look forward to seeing him again.

Chuck Franklin (an Oregon State University graduate in the field of aerospace engineering) has created some of the most impressive, awe inspiring stained glass artwork one will encounter. Some of the massive pieces truly take your breath away. As Cam will attest, I spend a considerable amount of my time staring at the ceiling when my husband and I dine at McCormick's Bridgeport restaurant, home to (in my humble opinion) one of Mr. Franklin's greatest works!

In addition to being an award winning vintner, Susan Sokol Blosser is a state recognized advocate and appointee in the area of land use and transportation.   In her service to Oregon, her path crosses with my husband's on a regular basis.  The two should have plenty to talk about!

Alex Molden is an NFL superstar from the University of Oregon.  His career includes a trip to the 1995 Rose Bowl, and an impressive list of highlights as a member of the New Orleans Saints, San Diego Chargers, and the Detroit Lions.  OK, I will have to put aside my disappointment at his prowess in defeating my Oregon State Beavers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, but, its for a good cause!