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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Internet, the dress, and the gift...

Some of the things I love about the Internet?  The ability to shop in my PJs, have access to styles not found in my local stores, and to find a great bargain!  And so began the relationship I have with my favorite eBay retailer, Fashions By Sincerely Susan.

Susan has a fabulous array of the latest popular designers' offerings in a broad range of sizes, at "fit my budget" prices.  My orders are sent rapidly, sweetly wrapped like a gift, each and every one of them.

Over the past five years Susan's store has been my "got to" shop for pieces in my wardrobe for Mrs. Oregon, Mrs. International, and Beauties of America pageants.  When my husband sends me a last minute text message of, "Honey I forgot to tell you, we're invited to (fill-in several important functions here...)", Susan's online store is the next click on my computer.  Susan and her store have saved the day for me on several occasions when I needed a special dress for a last minute function.  Beautiful dress received in time, fashion crisis averted.

After a recent order, I received a message from Susan.  She had a large inventory of new dresses coming and needed to make room for them.  Did I know of a charity serving women who might be interested in receiving some dresses?

My already high opinion of her leapt even higher!

Within a few minutes of email exchanges Susan had a box of dresses ready to send to Milestones Family Recovery and YES House, two organizations near and dear to my personal platform of alcohol and drug abuse prevention, treatment and recovery.   The first is a residential alcohol and drug treatment center focused towards mothers with children, the latter a teen oriented facility.

For the women of these services the gift of a new dress is almost unfathomable.  As Mrs. Oregon International 2008 I visited the ladies to discuss my platform and why it was so important to me for them to succeed in their recovery.  The most compelling question I received that day was, "Why would you care about us?"  Many of them have spent a lifetime feeling uncared for and invisible.  To have a complete stranger gift beautiful dresses to them is beyond their wildest imagination.

When that very special box from Susan arrives at Milestones Family Recovery,   struggling moms will have a special dress to wear to a child's graduation.  Others will go for the first job interview of their lives in a new outfit.  Some teenage girls will have a pretty dress for their prom, or special dance.

My heartfelt thanks to Susan and her eBay store Fashions By Sincerely Susan,  for making the lives better of some very needy Oregon women.

To shop with Susan and see what I am talking about by clicking here Fashions By Sincerely Susan to visit her store and see why I am such a big fan!